Wanted to know the difference between emergency birth pill and monthly bill

emergency contraceptive pill

Emergency birth pills are usually taken during morning and it is used to prevent pregnancy after him unprotected sex and it creates an environment which prevent fertilization of a egg and also it produces certain changes in the uterus

 These contraceptive pills has a lot of difference vision were taken an emergency and some are taken on monthly basis usually emergency contraceptive pill are usually taken within three to five days after an unprotected sex

 And there has effectiveness which is in the range of 75% 289%, they work only if taken within these three to five days if not it is of no use after taking at later stage. It has side effects also such as nausea, abdominal pain, tenderness of breast, headache and also irregular menstrual cycle

 If you are looking for best kind of emergency contraceptive pill which has let’s least number of side effects then visit the platform emergency contraception pill which provide you additional benefits such as decreasing menstrual cramps, decreasing acne, and it has various other benefits too

 Monthly bills are the bills which are usually taken one pill for each month and it has effectiveness birth control of two 99% so and also it has less number of side effects when compared to that of emergency contraceptive pill, Whatever the contraceptive pill you want to take it has to be suggested by the doctor only and has to be taken only after that doctor consultation